Photography has become a big passion of mine after I started the blog.¬†For me photography captures emotions that may only last a moment in real life and make them last forever. I strive to show the beauty that we miss as we go through our everyday lives…

Collection 1

This is my first series of photographs that I shared online, I’m really proud of them and I hope you enjoy!

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 Modern Revelations (Collection 2)

I started experimenting with digital photography about fourth months age. I became very passionate about it and I learned so much in only a few months. I wanted to create a series that was both fun but also made a statement. At first I was nervous about sharing my photos on the internet; but with all the positive feedback and support I’ve received from my friends and family and on social media I decided to post my latest project when I reached 10 thousand twitter followers. This is my Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) gift to you and my way of saying thank you to all my supporters.

This series of photographs was inspired by the idea of the apocalypes and The Book of Revelations. Revelations, is the last book in the bible. It was written by the disciple Paul, and describes how he believes the world will end and people will be judged to determine their fate after death. The apocalypses has recently been a big theme in pop culture and people seem to be more and more obsessed with how the world will end. These images show the power of religion and how it influences our society and our own beliefs . Each image pertrayes is a different character or archetype and together they contrast between the powerful and the powerless, the judge and the judged. They compare the beauty and security of youth with the fear and freedom of aging. As a whole this series represents: curiosity, temptation, death, and rebirth.

(Special thanks to my mom, dad, sister and her best friend for helping me to create these photos)

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